Your Cleaning Services

At Cleaning By Design, our primary goal is to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations while designing a custom plan around their cleaning needs. Time is so precious and we want to help our customers reclaim as much of it as possible so they can spend it with their loved ones. Our mission is to keep them from having to worry about the time consuming task of cleaning their home or office and enjoy life. We believe that having a clean and well-organized home or office, allows our customers to be able to focus on what matters most to them.

Your Initial Clean is a Deep Clean

When using Cleaning By Design for the first time, you will receive our most carefully detailed cleaning along with complimentary services to ensure your home is clean from top to bottom, looking & smelling it’s best. Some of these services may include an additional fee when requested AFTER your first clean. For the Initial Deep Clean, we will do the following plus our Standard Cleaning:

Wipe Wood Work


Door Frames

Window Sills

Cabinet Exteriors



Interior Windows

Sliding Glass Doors (Interior & Exterior)

Window Tracks

French Doors (Interior & Exterior)

Glass Panes on Cabinets

Special HEPA Vacuum

Upholstered Furniture (Under Cushions)



Carpet Edging

Window Blinds

HVAC Vent Covers


Shake Out & Vacuum Rugs

Clean Underneath Area Rugs

Clean Underneath Moveable Furniture

Clean Fireplace

Polish Silver

Clean & Polish Tables & Chairs

Spot Clean Walls

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